30 Hurty & the Song of April

30 Apr

Thirty Hurty

by Dahni © 2013, all rights reserved

Thirty days of April, like March and nearly like the 30 of November
I’d trade you in for the 30 of May or even the 30 of September
     One, at birth you were on the run
     Two, I did not know you
     Three, you nearly blew down my tree
     Four, thanks for the hole in my screen door
     Five, cold and blow and all your jive
     Six, was just some bad cruel trick
     Seven, you broke the rain bands of heaven
     Eight, your sunrise was very late
     Nine, you depressed me, I drank wine
     Ten, you tossed a little sweet wren
     Eleven, you repeated just like seven
     Twelve, warmth, you decided to shelve
     Thirteen, where the hell’s her green
     Fourteen, as if winter, you were courting
     Fifteen, briefly, the clouds were lifting
     Sixteen, somewhere in February/March between
     Seventeen, I had to take some Dramamine
     Eighteen, I am for better, still waiting
     Nineteen, where the hell’s the fine green
     Twenty, the first few days of you were plenty
     Twenty-one, with you I’m done
     Twenty-two, thanks for the mud on my tennis shoe
     Twenty-three, stop messing with me
     Twenty-four, Oh May, please come knocking at my door
     Twenty-five, Oh look, now you’ve seemed to come alive
     Twenty-six, back to your, same old trick
     Twenty-seven, briefly, you did feel like heaven
     Twenty-eight, your sunset plenty late
     Twenty-nine, depressed me again; more  plenty wine
     Thirty, FINALLY, with May you’re flirty
Oh Dear May, please let the spring begin
And April, don’t you EVER, do that again!
April had 30 Hurty
May with 30 Flirty – I am now making advances with


from the collection: ‘April’s Blush,’ by the same author

Song of April 

by Dahni © 2013, all rights reserved

I came not for you to take
I come and came to make
Tears of joy of wind and rain
Sometimes with pleasure; sometimes with pain
But at my end
My gift I send
And there unfurling powers
And pass to May, unfolding flowers
Intensely cold and rush
This the touch of April’s Blush



from the collection: ‘April’s Blush,’ by the same author 


This concludes our submission for NaPoWriMo & National Poetry Month, 2013. To all poets and poetry peruse-ers – Thank You for your participation. We now return to your regular scheduled blog program.   🙂



Author and poet of ‘April’s Blush’



29 Apr

by Dahni © 2013, all rights reserved


Will I merely be an unimportant blip
On some radar screen
Or a meaningless bleep of sonar
Am I just the ping in a pong
An unheard whisper
A forgotten past unspoken word
A collection of unwritten words
Unpublished unknown unheard unsung
What will I will to make
What will I will to sound
What is the sound of my blip
Its strength and duration
All irrelevant
Relevancy is that it sounds  


from the collection: ‘April’s Blush,’ by the same author


28 Apr

by Dahni © 2013, all rights reserved


Oh to soar the thermals in the sky
Graceful and seemingly effortless
Appearing motionless
As if to cease the racings and ravagers of time
Held aloft with neither pain nor pressure
Without judgment
Unlimited view
Are not the thermals possibilities
Are not our wills to find a way…
Our wings?


from the collection: ‘April’s Blush,’ by the same author

The Bonnet Sonnet

27 Apr

by Dahni © 2013, all rights reserved


Still too cool to uncover
   the cold has taken toll
from morning frost cannot recover
   and nips and bites the soul
When blossoms and blooms should adorn you
   you cleave to what warmth you find
against a paler shade of blue
   with a clinging chill unkind
Upon your cheeks the wind’s cold rush
   turns them to a rosy red
embrace of April’s blush
   and gelid uncovered head
go not outside without a bonnet
or without some wearable sonnet


from the collection: ‘April’s Blush,’ by the same author

April Haiku

26 Apr

by Dahni © 2013, all rights reserved


March’s will to cling
With rose glow upon the cheeks
Kiss of April’s blush


from the collection: ‘April’s Blush,’ by the same author

In Preparation of May

25 Apr

by Dahni © 2013, all rights reserved

Must start somewhere
Might as well start at the beginning
And anything to finish
Anything finished
Requires preparation
Like April
prepares for May  

from the collection: ‘April’s Blush,’ by the same author

Bridge to Nowhere

24 Apr

by Dahni © 2013, all rights reserved

Bridge2NowhereIt’s just not possible for a nowhere
When a somewhere goes from somewhere
to somewhere
People dream dreams of somewhere
Even if they are
Somewhere over the rainbow
And to get there to somewhere
Someone needs to build a bridge
These dreamers must be visionaries
And in building they just might not make it there
Or there from somewhere to somewhere
And it might seem like nowhere
And they may never go there
But a bridge is built to span the gap
From somewhere to somewhere
It may at least take one some
It may time take some
It may day after day take some
But someone, someday, sometime
Must need to build a bridge
From somewhere to somewhere
And if you build it
Someone, someday; sometime will come
And from here to there
A bridge to nowhere
Span somewhere to somewhere
Even if yet undiscovered
Build it and they will come


from the collection: ‘April’s Blush,’ by the same author

The ril in Ap

23 Apr

by Dahni © 2013, all rights reserved

Not ril enough for some in Ap
Too ril to others from all your crap
Faking or feigning some other month
Get ril Ap or get, done-th
Ap, what’s your ril
Sitting on your seasonsill
Do the right thing
And just bring spring
Unseasonably cold
Is getting old
For nearly a month it’s been like taking DayQuil®
Get the ril in your Ap
And cut the crap
And just be warm Ms. April


from the collection: ‘April’s Blush’ by the same author

Approaching the End

22 Apr

by Dahni © 2013, all rights reserved

AprroachingEndEven at the beginning
We are nearly always approaching the end
Counting down the days
Cannot wait until the month ends
Cannot wait until the new begins
Tired of showers
Can’t wait for flowers
Tired of flowers
Can’t wait for summer
Tired of summer’s humidity and heat
Can’t wait for September cool
Tired of between summer and harvest
Can’t wait for deep autumn and falling leaves
Jumping into piles of leaves
Tired of raking leaves, tired of leaves
Can’t wait until it ends
And at its end – winter begins
And we can’t wait until winter ends
And showers begin
When we can’t wait until flowers begin
When we can’t wait until flowers end and maybe allergies end
And summer begins again and ends again
And fall begins and ends again
And winter begins and ends again
And again and again and again
Even at the beginning
We are nearly always approaching the end
Even when we are walking
We are falling
Catching ourselves before we do
Before we’ve won
We were losing
After we’ve won we’ve lost
 At least that fleeting feeling
The crowd dies down and leaves
Cheers are and runners are – all bored
All that is left is to repeat
But even that – sooner or later
becomes already done
When love is fresh and new
Like ripe fruit,
both are already in decay
Before I hurt myself just to feel
I was feeling something
And wanted to feel something else
Important is not the beginning
For it has already begun
And not the ending
For it then, will have already ended
I can hardly remember when my me began
I cannot tell when my me will end
I just know that even whenever was my beginning
I was nearly always approaching my end
Can we not between these two
In gratitude just live
Inside the middle of the middle of them
Between the beginning and the end
Even at the beginning
We are nearly always approaching the end


from the collection: ‘April’s Blush,’ by the same author


21 Apr

by Dahni © 2013, all rights reserved


My brother and I around about this time
albeit a quite a few years past
Sitting on top of roof
in the cool of the early, before sundown
looking at those big white puffy cumulous clouds
seeing stuff in them or merely
Did we really see what we thought we saw
or what we wanted to see
All kinds of things, shapes and sizes, faces familiar
Reminding, reconnecting reconstructing
telling tales; syncing stories from what we saw or
I drove by a beautiful home
loved it’s colors, forms, details
Saw or thought I saw
rounded bottoms
like rounds or fish scales
 wooden-like wooden-looked cedar-like shakes 
Had to get closer
Drove past turned around pulled in and knocked on the door
Had to ask
But those dark blue shakes were neither round or like fish scales – straight
Was it distance, shadows or something else
that made me see what I thought I saw or
I wrote down an address
Thought it was two first names combined
Reminded me of my wife Susan – full of grace or graceful lily
My calico kitty Bella – beautiful
New name I call my wife sometimes now
Heard from Subella
Words spelled like they sound
Words pronounced like they appear
Things and faces
What is a mirage anyway
are they what we think we see
What we desire to see
All the circumstances just right
And what are those converging railroad tracks in the distance
How small that mountain until I am smalled in it’s mammoth
How very large that fish, that very small fish, really was
A similar skin color
A similar look similar name
Accent, culture, belief
In common and judgment
A different skin color
A different look different name
Accent, culture, belief
Not in common and judgment
Storm clouds swirl overhead
Smell of rain
But clouds part and the rays rain down
Where’s the rain
Behold the beauty in the eye of one
In another common, plain; even homely
And the ugly
Some of what is, is
A lot is
Made up mostly
Good, bad or indifferent
Depends on our…
What will I project today


from the collection: ‘April’s Blush,’ by the same author

Profound as a noun

20 Apr

by Dahni © 2013, all rights reserved


What is it that an adverb, that describes an action has got
   or an adjective that describes a person, place or thing, what’s it got
That gets to make them so special
Who said a noun gets to turn professional, as a profession noun, a pro-noun
    as I, you, he, this, who, and what
And which god or goddess of words,1 which dictionary
   gets the right to spell them like they’re spelled
I would think the following would disqualify
   any of them from deity status
Take for example, raspberry
   do we pronounce that as rasp-berry or is it as it is –
And for another is the word, profound,
   which is an adjective
   and it has an associative noun which is profoundity,
   which makes sense, but NO
   the word gods say it should be……….profundity,
   which makes no sense at all unless… 
   …instead of profound always being so serious,
   couldn’t it be pro-fun
So profound as a noun
could most certainly be
   the enjoyable merriment of… 


from the collection: ‘April’s Blush,’ by the same author

1 “The god of Words” – I once heard a man call Webster’s Dictionary, “the god of words.”

April Showers

19 Apr

by Dahni © 2013, all rights reserved


Yes, Yes, she brings the May flowers,
   but there is more, much more to the story
The other day, it cried so hard, I can’t recall it ever tearing so hard
  except for two years after I knew I lost my mom, or you lost you dad,
   or you lost you mom, or your other loved one, your friend,
   or your child
Like the old Morton Salt commercials, “when it [cries] it pours”
      and what a flood released it was, as if the waters above
      and beneath the heavens broke,
      broke through, broke down and the rain of tears reigned down
Is this another flood to cover the whole of earth, I was thinking
      where’s the bird to find dry land – where’s the rainbow promise
      that it will end and we’ve still more time left on the planet
Don’t read into this, it’s just the rain’s release
   and after…
   a clearing – a cleansing and the air smelled fresh again
Those tears from heaven were cold
   yes, yes, stinging rain upon my face and stinging tears
   my legitimate and rational reason or excuse
   who would know –
   who could tell the difference between the rain’s tears and mine
Besides, I am too old,
   or too cool, or too strong, or too much of a man, or just too, too to cry
Go tell that to my grandchild that fell into hurt and cried
   and why
   because it hurts – pick me up and hold me, make it all better
Rains and tears communicate
Those tears were funny
   plopping right into the eyes of a robin
   dangling off the beak of a wren
I laughed so hard I wet myself with tears
AprShowers2Those tears were sounding in my ears
   all dependent on speed, direction, angle and power of the wind
Sometimes like a whisper; sometimes like a roar, a howl, a barbaric yawp;1
Sometimes gentle; sometimes ferocious; stirring and rhythmic
   and even the crescendo at it’s sudden stop – it’s silent sound
Tear songs – rain music
Those tears were moving – moving me – moved me
   I am with gladness, happy to be alive
   I am with happy, glad to be breathing
   and after the rain-tears stopped, the clouds parted
   and the sun shone through again
   what were those droplets coming from my eyes for, for joy?
I saw your first-time face and secretly, silently and inside cried
   refusing to allow them to come up and out
But how would you ever know I loved you
   if I never told you
   if I never showed you
Those April tears express the inexpressible
And without expression – there is left only the inexpressible
   and what if April held back her tears
Would the holding back and the building crushing weight end with
   destruction like that hard rain –
   flooding – that tree and life uprooting rain
What would it have done to me if I just
   and only, cried inside
   that’s not love, but something else
   and we know what that something else is
No one really loves to hate,
   perhaps they hate to love or hate love
   but probably because they have not known love
   or they have never cried
Tears are everywhere
I could have just as easily titled this piece ‘April Tears’ as it begun
   not just “a story,”
   but the story of tears or tears of love
And this poem or prose, this poesy or prosy
   (as you decide or whatever you decide)
   already written in another poem in another time and place
   answers what really is, ‘April Showers’
Sorrow, pain, joy, laughter, love,
   cleansing, purifying, healing, restoring, re-storing,
   reviving, replenishing – living
April showers are tears
   tears of Love and… 

“Love is Liquid!”2


from the collection: ‘April’s Blush,’ by the same author 

 1Yawp – a very loud, deep cry. First used around 1824. Perhaps it is familiar from a poem in ‘Leaves of Grass’ by Walt Whitman and quoted by actor/comedian Robin Williams in the movie, ‘Dead Poet’s Society.’

“I too am not a bit tamed, I too am untranslatable,
I sound my barbaric YAWP over the roofs of the world.”

Walt Whitman
Leaves of Grass

2Love is Liquid” is a line from a poem called ‘Liquid,’ © 1997 from the collection: ON THE WINGS OF WORDS, by Dahni.


18 Apr

by Dahni © 2013, all rights reserved


All my busted ended
When aide to other hearts are mended
This poem a reminding token
No heart can ever be truly broken
Soft and flexible; resilient too
When gently held by you
Windproof, tear-proof waterproof
Tear the flesh and break the bone
But hearts are more like…


from the collection: ‘April’s Blush,’ by the same author

Let it Shine

17 Apr

by Dahni © 2013, all rights reserved


Unplugged from our source of power
Unscrewed from our world familiar
     and darkness may shatter our lanterns
But can nothing or no one
      extinguish the light
Let us shine


from the collection: ‘April’s Blush,’ by the same author

Never, Never Fails

16 Apr

by Dahni © 2013, all rights reserved

I have never reached IN, to search my soul
I have never reached OUT for help
I have never reached DOWN to aide another
That each of us have never been lifted UP
Never, never fails    


from the collection: ‘April’s Blush,’ by the same author

Nursing a Headache Rhyme

15 Apr

by Dahni © 2013, all rights reserved

A tisket1 a tasket2

Put all into a basket

The former glow wanes4and inside the basket, waxes3

Filled with all my dough; don’t ask-it,

   but there goes all my taxes

                 from the collection: ‘April’s Blush,’ by the same author

1Tisket is possibly part of the handle on a basket.

2Tasket is possibly part of the basket.

3Wax and 4wane

Idioms & Phrases

Increase and decrease, as in size, number, strength, or intensity, as in Enrollments in these programs wax and wane from year to year. This expression alludes to the phases of the moon, with its periodic changes in size. It was first recorded in the 1300s. Copyright © 2013 Dictionary.com, LLC. All rights reserved.



If you have not already done so, stick your 1040 and check in the mail or file for an extension to file your taxes, postmarked 4/15/2013 at least before midnight. Just because you may not be ready to file, does not mean the IRS (state and local too) are not ready and expecting you to estimate and send them your dough. If you don’t, expect to pay penalties and interest. But I’d really like to know how they expect one to estimate what is owed, when you’re not ready to file, cuz’ you don’t already know what you owe. And if you live in the great state of NY like I do, they have it all figured out. You can file an extension to file, but only online and only before April 15. No forms are available for those that do not have a computer, but they still expect you to somehow file it online. I guess they will accept either an electronic transfer of your dough or a check though? But the point is they have it figured out, in their favor – the IRS, state and local.

They still expect you to estimate what you owe and I guess if you don’t already know, they’ll be more than happy to add on interest and penalties.

If you have already filed your taxes and/or received your refund check, please go away NOW, this poem was not meant for you!   🙂

Our Siblings

14 Apr

by Dahni © 2013, all rights reserved

December – January – February
                                                                   Rest and Repair
March – April – May
                                          Revive and Rebirth
June – July – August
                                           Reach and Replenish
September – October – November
                                                                      Reap and Re-store
Our Siblings
sisters and brothers
four Seasons
for show and tell
to draw out from within1
for life

from the collection: ‘April’s Blush,’ by the same author



 1Educate – Latin educere “to draw out from within”


Apr. & Our Need for Speed

13 Apr

by Dahni © 2013, all rights reserved


In the month of a.p.r.
Is this where we are?
Is it our need
or is it our greed
this seeming obsession for speed
no time – we succumb
                and apparently become
doodlers and drool-ers, for every temptation- sensation
babblers and blabbers of the Abbreviation Nation
Texting and even sexting
😦 & 🙂 & et cetera, etc. & etc too
what would this look like, to some alien
or someone living, in the city of Dalian1
We seem to abbreviate, abbr. and abbr in myriad, myriad
Often we drop, the  .  period
Is it our need
or is it our greed
this seeming obsession for speed
No time or NT just 2 B
Has the view become so hazy
Or have we become just lazy
In getting from A – Z
Quick is fear and it will sear
But in the end it will consume
Love is long and will make one strong
Overflows, but never will empty the room
So if it is our need
or if it is our greed
this seeming obsession for speed
whether fear that will sear and in the end will consume
or love that will shove and in the end will still leave room
what is the fastest way, to end and to start…
always straight, straight through the heart
Isn’t this why and towards what we gravitate
Isn’t this why we seem obsessed to abbreviate
Aren’t we all just looking for love
2 B loved and to love, we shove
all this obsessive alliteration
of all this obsessed with, abbreviation
But X’s & O’s, do we really want just this
Or would we rather – a hug and a kiss
(just sayN’)  🙂

from the collection: ‘April’s Blush,’ by the same author

1Dalian – A city of northeast China on the Liaodong Peninsula and the Bo Hai. A major seaport, it was opened to foreign commerce in 1901 and occupied by the Japanese during the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905). Population: 1,730,000.



Love in the Light

12 Apr

by Dahni © 2013, all rights reserved


I cannot love you in darkness
no face, no voice, no aura, no sweet, no embrace in darkness
sight-less, sound-less, fragrant-less, taste-less, touch-less dark
void of sensual stimulation
I’ve no choice, but to fall into sleep; perchance to dream
I cannot be loved and love you in darkness
In the dark there’s only a reminder of you in mind    
                                      a residue of you in body
                                      a remnant of you in soul
   but I’ll take these and keep them
Body, soul and mind are beckoned by the sandman
   and I will there, love you in darkness
   at that aspect between wake and sleep
   forgetfulness and dreamscaping’
then deeper
And I will love you there
   until I wake
To love you in the light
And if I wake again
And if my senses alive again
And if I cannot love you there again
And if I find you sleeping; sleeping in the dark
   In that light dark or dark light I will love you as a prayer
I will wait –
and love you into light
Love is not born in darkness
   meant to secrecy
   unfulfilled greed
   fed of fear
Love is born in lightness
   purposed to enlighten
   fully filled need and overflow
   feeding with love
Love in the light

from the collection: ‘April’s Blush,’ by the same author

The Sounds of April

11 Apr

by Dahni © 2013, all rights reserved

Sweetly springing
   the sounds of April

from the collection: ‘April’s Blush,’ by the same author

Songbirds of April in an evergreen tree

April’s ‘

10 Apr

by Dahni © 2013, all rights reserved


I can’t imagine, so I don’t
I can’t inspire, so I won’t
Prepostrophe1 and catastrophe?
Atrophy by an apostrophe2!
For I noticed this that did appear
Two things which are, quite plain and clear
From “can’t” I found a can
Until that ‘t, snatched it and ran
From “don’t” it could be do or a sign to a name like, don
That weird little ‘; ‘t is, a freaky little con
From won’t, remove that ‘t; have some fun
And for you, the game is won
I can imagine, so I don, do
So can you
I can inspire so I have won
So let us then, just have some fun
Avoid prepostrophe1 and catastrophe
Atrophy by apostrophe2
Make all the can’t(s) a can and all the don’t(s) a do?
Now pray, how say, what about you?
Without that ‘t – we make all those do(s) a done
Without the won’t, we won!


from the collection: ‘April’s Blush,’ by the same author


1Prepostrophe (pronounced pre-pos-tro-fee) combines preposterous with the Greek word trophe – (trophikos) nourishment. English derivatives include all the words ending in -trophy, e.g. hypertrophy, which means growth, atrophy atrophiā, from atrophos (ill-nourished), atrophy Greek apostrophē, literally, act of turning away, from growth. Preposterous is something or someone completely contrary to nature, reason or common sense; absurd; senseless; utterly foolish: a preposterous tale. From Latin praeposterus – reversed from prae in front, before + posterus following. Whereas preposterous is an adjective, Prepostrophe is a noun. As a noun, it is something or someone that is before + following (absurd or preposterous) to growth.

2Apostrophe – from the Greek preposition apo (away from) + the Greek word trophe (nourishment or growth) would mean away from nourishment or growth. Come to think of it, April’s…

April's'_smdoes look kind of sickly, pale, anemic, and away from nourishment and growth.  🙂

prepostrophe definition from: ‘Dahni’s New Word Dictionary’ (A heaping helping of made-up words) by Dahni © 1994-2013, all rights reserved

April Conundrum

9 Apr

by Dahni © 2013, all rights reserved


April, are you confused?
You seem more like March!
uno (ooono) or Oh no, you blew in like, a lion plenty
doce (doe-say) or do say, your 2nd was more like, last twenty
trece (tray-say) or hey say, your 3 like the 30 last month, you twit
contortion on the fourth, when you squeezed in every last bit
On the fifth, the woodchuck said, “Chuck it!”
And on the sixth the grass sure was bemused
The robins here on 7, were NOT at all amused
and the wind,  I had to duck it.

Note: what did you think I was going to rhyme “chuck it” with?   🙂

Then on the 8 the sunrise was late
Poured some wine on your nine
as I cannot seem to buck it
April, you’re no friend of mine
so I give up and just say, “F–k it!
April- get yourself together
Where the hell’s the warm spring weather
If you do not or will not change
this I promise you, I will arrange
I’m putting you on notice today
get on with it or get out of the way
or there’s gonna’ be hell to pay
and I’ll knock you out, into the middle of next…

from the collection: ‘April’s Blush,’ by the same author

April’s Brief

8 Apr

by Dahni © 2013, all rights reserved

A poem a day 
   is on its way,
but now it is my firm belief
   that we all need some relief.
And that last one made me tired,
   so gone am I, to get inspired,
no longer here to linger,
last keystrokes and pencil with my finger.
I hope you are not left with grief,
   but I really tried here, to be brief.   🙂


from: the uncollected poems, by the same author

What’s in a Name

7 Apr

by Dahni © 2013, all rights reserved

There are…
first names
middle + more than one middle, names
last names
historic names
great names
common names
simple names
complicated names
names from months as, August, June, May and April
gemstone names like, Ruby
metal names like, Silver
bird names like, Robin and Jay
place names like, Sierra
culture or country names
names with numbers, letters and characters
family passed on names like, Lee 
nicknames, the name others call us like I am sometimes called, Tre
   (target rich environment)
funny or unusual names like, Dweezil or Budrow
brunt of the joke names like, Don “we now our gay apparel,” the girls Don
   want to be seen with you or Don you want to ever get a clue
There are…
WTF were they thinking, names
silly names
stupid names like, Stew-pid
names nearly next to impossible to pronounce
There are…
names unpronounceable like,
 “Love Symbol #2”1
There are…
combination names, fondly remembered childhood names like –
   Dorothy Gale, Pollyanna, Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn, Spanky-Froggy-Alfalfa-        
  Darla-Stymie-Porky-Buckwheat Little Rascals,names
  Moe-Larry-Shemp-Joe-Curly Joe-Curly (see Curly later), Stooges names,  
  Laurel & Hardy, names, Groucho-Chico-Harpo-(see Harpo later)-
   Zeppo-Gummo Marx Brothers, names, and Charlie Brown names
There are…
combination names, fearfully or horrifically remembered names like,
   Charles Manson, Count Dracula and Freddy Kruger
There are…
strange names as, Curly, when the character appears to be bald or
   Lefty because, they can do nothing right
musical names as, Harpo, for the Harp the character and the person played
condescending names from animals as, Chicken, Horse Face, Horse’s Ass,
   Hog, Pig, Cow, Mule and Jackass
anything but Late for dinner, names
condescending slang names, from body parts as, Dick head or face,
   Butt head or hole
double entendre (devised words with several meanings) fictional and sexually
   implied names as, Pussy Galore3
maiden names
song names like, Carol
married and married into, names
take-back names like, from a divorce
legal names like, Dotcomguy4
the “artist formerly known as,” names
There are…
birth names that we are given at birth like, Donald
There are…
no name, names
rhyming names like, Sam I am
inflated names like, ‘The Donald’
even copyright © trademark ™ ®, names like, Jesus© (yes it is legally owned)
There are…
the names we are called by others (often depending on the age of the person
   addressing us) as, Donald, Don and Donnie
There are…
stage names
artist names
writers’ names and pen names as, Mark Twain
brand names and band names
musical and singularly known as names like, Adele, Yanni, Madonna,
   and Prince
namesake names
‘the second,’ names like, Reginald, Jr.
succession names like, Leonard I or the 1st, Leonard II or the 2nd,
   Leonard III or the 3rd
age related names as, Duccan the Elder or Duccan the Younger
repetitious names as, John John, Jon Jon or Lu Lu
descriptive names as, King James, Mary Queen of Scots,
   Richard the Lionhearted, Queen Elizabeth, Sam the Brave and Dipstick
There are…
initial names (first and last name) like, JB
sounding names like, Suezzzzq
question mark (?) names like, Hey or hey You
names with meaning as, Donald (Gaelic – world ruler)
make-believe names as above, when Donald has no kingdom
made-up names
names we make up for ourselves or call ourselves, like Dahni
   (pronounced Donnie)
There are…
many different and many kinds of names, for many purposes
Most of us without our choice, are given our names at birth,
   for some meaning, reason, purpose; intention
Some of us choose and change our names, for ourselves
What’s in a name?
It is not as important what’s IN a name, as it is,
   what comes OUT of our names
What do we DO with our names; of those things that we do,
   what are we known for, by our names
How will we be remembered?
What is sacred?
For what purpose is life?
For what purpose are we named?
Give a good name to live up to
Live up to a good name 
Be loved and love others, that’s…
…What’s in a Name!

from the uncollected poems by the same author

Note: Poetry neither has to always rhyme or follow any particular form. Poem from the Greek language (poíēma) simply means, “to do” or “to make.” I “did” this piece and I “made” this post called, ‘What’s in a Name.’ And I call this a poem. You are free to call it whatever you want. And you are free to call me, name me, think of me or never think of me, as you desire, it’s your decision. As for me-myself-and-i…


1 Prince Rogers Nelson (born June 7, 1958), known by his stage name Prince, is an American singer-songwriter, musician, multi-instrumentalist and actor. In 1993, he changed his stage name to the unpronounceable ‘Love Symbol,’ which was explained as a combination of the symbols for male (♂) and female (♀). In order to use the symbol in print media, Warner Bros. had to organize a mass mailing of floppy disks with a custom font. Because the symbol had no stated pronunciation, Prince was often referred to as, “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince”, as well as, “The Artist”. 

2 Little Rascals, also known as, Our Gang or Hal Roach’s Rascals, are a series of American comedy short films by comedy producer, Hal Roach. The series began in 1922 and lasted until 1936. The series was about a group of poor neighborhood children and their adventures. It notably, uniquely, and remarkably, put boys and girls of different skin colors together, in a group as equals. The work was purposed to capture the raw nuances of children’s speech rather than adult acting styles. The name, ‘Our Gang,’ was sold to MGM (Metro Goldwyn Mayer) and they continued producing these until 1944. As MGM retained the rights to the Our Gang trademark following their purchase of the production rights, the Hal Roach-produced “talkies” were syndicated for television under the title, The Little Rascals, beginning in 1955. Both Roach’s, The Little Rascals, package (now owned by CBS Television Distribution) and MGM’s Our Gang package (now owned by Warner Bros. Entertainment) have since remained in syndication, with periodic new productions based on the shorts surfacing over the years, including a 1994 Little Rascals feature film released by Universal Pictures. From around 1977 to the present day, Our Gang and the Little Rascals have been revived and produced in several forms and enjoyed by children of all ages.

3 Pussy Galore, is a fictional character in the Ian Fleming, James Bond novel, ‘Goldfinger.’ This was later made into a film. Many of Ian Fleming’s works had a double entendre, a figure of speech which is devised to be understood, in several ways. With respect to “Pussy,” it meant both another word for a house cat and a slang term for vulva and vagina. “Galore,” means an abundant or plentiful supply of something.

4 DotComGuy was the name of Mitch Maddox,  a former computing systems manager, who legally changed his name to DotComGuy, in 2000. He intended to live for one year (beginning on January 1, 2000) without leaving his house in Dallas, Texas, by ordering all his  food and necessities off the Internet and to have everything delivered.  His house was monitored 24/7 and several video feeds were streamed online. He only walked just outside of his home for exercise and never much further, during the entire time. In the end of the project, DotComGuy, legally changed his name back to Mitch Maddox. Later, he auctioned off the domain name, DotComGuy.com and it is still in use as of this writing.

5em-fos-ed” –  for emphasized or “em-fos-sis” for emphasis. An emphatic statement for emphasis.

em-fos-ed definition from: ‘Dahni’s New Word Dictionary’ (A heaping helping of made-up words) by Dahni © 1994-2013, all rights reserved

It is Good

6 Apr

by Dahni © 2013, all rights reserved


It is good!
It must be,
   a pair of morning1 doves in unison,
   have bid me so.
April’s blush at March’s cling.
Snowfingers’ and wind’s embrace hurt,
   but I feel.
It is good!
Robin bobbin of cold dead grass, looking.
Red wing sing, blackbird, winging.
Cardinal marginal on the white canvas, feeding.
Wren den in the holly bushes, hiding.
Rabbit habit, hopping.
It is good!
Not the first showing of Eden’s Play;
   not my first;
   not my last.
It is good!
Stinging eyes, but I see
   and how much better to see than only to be seen.
Not my last see.
It is good!
Wind screaming in my ears,
   but I hear.
It is good!
Stinging face,
   but I feel.
It is good!
Biting breath,
   but I breathe.
Not my first breath.
Not my last.
It is good!
My cry against the angry wind unanswered,
   but I can still cry.
It is good!
Hopeless to find spring sprung warm,
   but I can still hope.
It is good!
All my problems – pitiful and pathetic pale,
   but what are these, 
   but opportunities to seize and solve.
It is good!
I am alive.
And if today I am to die,
  I have lived and…
It is good!
And why is it that it is good?
A pair of morning1 doves in unison,
   have told me so.
It is good!

from the collection: ‘April’s Blush’ by the same author

1 ‘morning doves’ – Mourning doves is most likely the familiar name. They are so named, because of their long, drawn-out calls like laments. To me, in my little corner of the cosmos, I usually hear them in the morning. Their song in my ears is not mournful, but soulful and cheerful. And when I hear them, it is as if, they are greeting me personally. And I always respond to them by saying, “Morning Doves,” as if to say, “Good morning Doves.”   🙂

Morning Doves definition from: ‘Dahni’s New Word Dictionary’ (A heaping helping of made-up words) by Dahni © 1994-2013, all rights reserved

Let Us Eat

5 Apr

by Dahni © 2013 all rights reserved


In civilization to be civilized by its root we must be, civil.
And we eat with a knife, a fork and a spoon from a plate.
Three utensils and one vessel, for one purpose.
Let us eat!
A knife to cut; cut into; cut through,
   To stab, slice; cut off, and on and on. 
A fork to stay, hold; carry into,
   To mingle, to mix; to alter, and on and on and on.
A spoon to stir, combine; to blend,
   To hide, scrape; to hinder, and on and on and on and on.
Three utensils and one vessel, for one purpose.
Let us eat!
Touch for texture,
Pain and pleasure.
Temperature – hot, warm, tepid, cool, and cold.
Sweetness, sourness, saltiness, bitterness; umami.1
Three utensils and one vessel, for one purpose.
A knife, a fork, a spoon and a plate.
But they are really all,  
   just one utensil,
   just one vessel,
   for one purpose,  
   for each of us.
Let us eat!
One utensil, one purpose;
One vessel, one purpose;
One name called…
One name called…
And from this one utensil,
And from this one vessel,
   all the flavors of this life.
Let us lift this utensil and this vessel, for gladness;
Let us lift up – with this utensil and this vessel,
   for kindness.
Let us eat!

from the collection: ‘Full Measure’ by the same author

1Umami – Japanese うま味, “pleasant savory taste.” The human tongue has receptors for L-glutamate, which is the source of umami flavor. For that reason, scientists consider umami to be distinct from saltiness.  It can be described as a pleasant “brothy” or “meaty” taste with a long lasting, mouthwatering and coating sensation over the tongue. Its effect is to balance taste and round out the overall flavor of a dish. Umami enhances the palatability of a wide variety of foods.

Four Blush

4 Apr

by Dahni © 2013 all rights reserved

Two from without
Two from within
Two roses when something warm kisses
Two roses at some cold embrace
Two roses when the heart races
Two roses when emotion rises
Heat or cold
Energy extended
Emote of some excitement, gladness, madness, anger; embarrassment
Flowers at our cheeks…
…four blush 

from the collection: ‘April’s Blush’ by the same author


‘Four Blush’ by Dahni © 2013 all rights reserved

“Four” is a number – “For” is a connector – a preposition that follows a noun or as a conjunction joining two clauses . It connects a noun or two clauses to the object or action to some  purpose or intention.


3 Apr

© 2013 by Dahni, all rights reserved


Curious thing time is…
While some look to the east to what seems to begin
Others look to the west at what appears to have already begun
And to others it is as if it flies
And to others as if it already has flown
And to others like seconds or less as if fast
And to others so slow as if it will not pass
By time we measure light and dark
                                           day and night
                                           seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years
                                           our ages
                                           birth and death
                                           route to the future
But time is neither in motion nor motionless
It is merely relative…
…to where we are right now

From the collection: ”April’s Blush’ by the same author

Poem on the Water of the Moment

2 Apr

By Dahni © 2013, all rights reserved


I cannot away with what is done
   or reclaim yesterday’s setting sun.
I cannot capture the sun’s new morrow
   while dragging in tow, a barge of sorrow.
Though I steer to forgive it’s hard to forget
   to push the past and pull the future not yet.
Barely afloat in this boat of me
   am tossed and turned at see…
…what am I but a speck on the water so vast
   what rudder; what sail; what mast?
Here at the mercy of rain and wind and wave
   surrounded by fear I am not brave.
Just a bobbing cork upon this routh1
   waiting to engulf me in its mouth.
But even hopeless has its hope
   and even blind I still can grope.
A wandering generality what can I do
   in the mist of midst, keep direction true.
Where I’ve been or going matters not
   I’ve only this moment; that’s all I’ve got.
And whether in darkness or seldom in light
   keep all my compartments day tight.

From the collection: ‘Full Measure’ by the same author

1 routh – noun – Scotand and  North England – abundance; plenty.

April 1st

1 Apr

Living the day

Poem-ing the morrow